Nitecore F2 Ultra-Portable Powerbank and 2-Bay Battery Charger


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Nitecore F2 Charger - Flexible Power Bank

The Nitecore F2 charger is a must have for any outdoorsy person! With it's flexible and durable design, this charger also acts as a power bank to charge your dead devices (with a compatible USB cable).

Nitecore F2 Charger Specifications:

  • Compatible with Li-ion batteries only
  • Battery sizes: 26650, 18650, 17670, 18490, 17500, 17335, 16340(RCR123), 14500, 10440
  • Output: Full size USB
  • Output Current:  1A x 2 MAX (slot), 2A (USB)
  • Input:  Micro USB, DC 5V, >=.5A
  • Output Voltage: 4.2V +/-1% (slot), 5V +/- 5% (USB)

Nitecore F2 Features:

  • Includes a durable elastic band to ensure batteries are secured in place
  • Battery terminals are gold-plated to resist corrosion and oxidization
  • Reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • Automatically stops charging after completion

In the box:

  • Nitecore F2 Charger
  • 2x Rubber Bands to keep your batteries in place while they charge. (1 yellow and 1 black)
  • 1 Micro USB 3.0 Charging Cable
  • Warranty Card
  • User Manual
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Brett A.
United States United States
  • What device/application do you use this with? Off grid lighting.
Ok, but I’d rather use 2 individual ones

The product is fine. But it doesn’t combine the output, so be aware that it’s really like having 2 usb sources. The input is combined, but unfortunately it uses USB-3 or whatever connector, so it’s yet another cable I have to keep handy.

Cristina R.
United States United States
  • What device/application do you use this with? To charge Garmin on backpacking trips

Works as intended . Small and lightweight. Considerations are switching out batteries and keeping charges straight from uncharged.

karol n.
United States United States
  • What device/application do you use this with? Milwaukee

Great product works great

United States United States
  • What device/application do you use this with? Charging 18650 batteries and using output to charge phone.
It works

I've been looking for a battery bank that I can use my own 18650's in and this is the first one that consistently works. Being able to charge the batteries is a big plus as well.

Randy K.
  • What device/application do you use this with? N/A
Nitecore F2

One sweet little Charger/Powerbank. I like this device because of the different battery's you can use in it. It is not stated in nitecore's info but 21700 battery's fit and work fine in this device. The rubber band can be a pain to get on and off (Needed to hold the battery's in place). What I'm using is a Velcro cable tie instead. Works just as well. Due to the open frame nature of this device, for safety reasons, I highly recommend using a small case to tote it around. The risk being if you drop it you could damage the battery's. The charging cable they give you with this has a USB 3.0 device connector. Awfully short though. A standard USB to Micro USB cable works fine with it. Just plug it in the appropriate connector of the USB 3.0 socket on the device and into a USB wall wart or whatever your using to charge the battery's your using in it. For those that may not know this, an external hard drive with this plug, can be plugged in the same way. Just no USB 3.0 speed that way. I saw no difference in charging speed using either cable.

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