LiionWholesale Battery Case for two 18650 or four 18350 batteries

Liion Wholesale

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LiionWholesale Battery Case fits 2 18650s or 4 18350s. This clear battery case holds either 2 18650s or 4 18350s for storage or transport. Features the LiionWholesale logo, so next time you need batteries, you remember where you got 'em!

Available with a clear, transparent Liion logo or a blue Liion logo.

Note: Does not include batteries, and sold individually. Also, this case WILL fit protected 18650s (our quad case will not).

Want an unbranded or colored 18650 case? We offer unbranded cases for wholesale/retail customers or those wanting a colored case very inexpensively here:  Blank 18650 battery cases.

Origin:  Made in China

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