Free Battery Case Policy

At LiionWholesale, we want all our customers to be able to safely transport and store their batteries. One of the best ways to do that is with battery cases.  Our old policy only gave one case per order, but after customer feedback we've decided to change the policy to provide free cases for all batteries ordered, up to 24 batteries.  For example, if you order 24 18650 batteries, you'll get 12 dual cases.  If you order 6 18650's, you'll get 3 dual cases.  So now customers will receive more free cases.  Note if you are ordering 25 or more batteries (total) you will be assumed to be a wholesale customer and you will not receive any cases with your order.  See below for more details:

    How many cases will I receive with my batteries?

    Battery Size Minimum battery quantity required to receive free case Maximum battery quantity that will include cases Case type Batteries per case
    10440 1 24 14500 4
    14500 1 24 14500 4
    16340 1 24 18650/18350 4
    18350 1 24 18650/18350 4
    18490 1 24 18650/18350 2
    18500 1 24 18650/18350 2
    18650 1 24 18650/18350 2
    20700 1 24 20700/21700 dual 2
    21700 1 24 20700/21700 dual 2
    26500 1 24 26650 single 1-2
    26650 1 24 26650 single or dual 1-2



    • Efest, Imren, other batteries with cases provided: Certain batteries from certain manufacturers (EFest, Imren, etc.) already come packaged in their manufacturer case and will not include any additional free cases.
      • There is no case limit on these batteries.
    • Missing, damaged, defective cases: Damaged, defective, or missed cases will not usually be replaced due to the high cost of shipping. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  If you get a bunch of bad cases we may be able to help, just contact us.
    • Orders of 25 or more batteries: It will be assumed that you are a wholesale customer and due to the discount level those orders receive, no promotional case will be sent (so you can receive the best price on batteries and shipping).
    • Color or style is up to our discretion and may have LiionWholesale branding.  Most of the time free cases will be clear.
    • Orders that do not include any batteries will not receive any free cases.
    • Batteries with solder tabs will not receive any free cases.