Inclement Weather Shipping Delays & Policy

LiionWholesale is proudly located just outside Philadelphia, PA. And while we offer same day shipping for orders placed before 1PM Eastern, that does mean that during the winter, exceptional weather conditions may cause delays when either preparing your package for shipment, or when a package is in transit.

During inclement weather, we cannot guarantee your packages' time in transit. That means NO method we offer during inclement weather will offer ANY kind of guarantee about how long it will take to get to you, nor any kind of money back guarantee should it be delayed. (Please note that USPS Priority and USPS First Class are NEVER a guaranteed time in transit method). 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but if our contracted carriers cannot safely transport your package, we cannot offer you a refund for these circumstances that are out of their (and our) control.

If you need to know whether we are open for business, please refer to our Status Page (we will post there if we need to shut for exceptional conditions).