Liion Wholesale Holiday Shipping Schedule

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Shipping Schedule

If you order between:  Your order will leave our warehouse by:
1PM 11/25 Mon - 1PM 11/26 Tues 11/27 - Wednesday (or sooner)
1PM 11/27 Wed - 1PM 11/28 Thurs 11/29 - Friday (or sooner)
1PM 11/28 Thurs - 1PM 11/29 Fri 12/2 - Monday (or sooner)
1PM 11/29 Fri - 1PM 12/2 Mon 12/3 - Tuesday (or sooner)
1PM 12/2 Mon-1PM 12/3 Tues 12/4 - Wednesday (or sooner)
1PM 12/3 Tues- 1PM 12/4 Wed 12/5 - Thursday (or sooner)
1PM 12/4 Wed- 1PM 12/5 Thurs 12/6 - Friday (or sooner)
1PM 12/5 Thurs- 1PM 12/6 Fri 12/9- Monday (or sooner)
1PM 12/6 Fri-1PM 12/9 Mon 12/10- Tuesday (or sooner)
1PM 12/9 Mon- 1PM 12/10 Tues 12/11- Wednesday (or sooner)
After 1PM 12/10 Tuesday Regular shipping schedule resumes

IMPORTANT - UPS Air Packages:

Between 11/25 and 12/3, we will do our best to get UPS Air shipments (3-Day, 2-Day, Next Day Air ONLY) out as quickly as possible. (UPS Ground will not receive priority handling).

However, due to the high volume of orders, we can only guarantee that they will go out by the date shown in the above table at latest. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

If you need an estimate of when your UPS Air shipment will go out, you can contact us by phone or by email during our normal customer service hours. Please note this applies to UPS Air packages ONLY. We will not be able to provide estimates for other types of shipments.

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