Shipping Policies

Due to changes in regulations regarding the shipment of lithium ion batteries, our shipping policies, methods, and costs have changed.

What's changed?

    • Shipments containing batteries
      • USPS
        • First Class and Priority Mail are limited to 8 batteries per package regardless of battery size.
        • Because of this, we are offering a free lithium-ion battery powered device with USPS First Class or Priority Mail shipments (the device is of our choosing) for the following popular battery sizes:
          • 18650, 20700, 21700
          • There is no additional cost for the device.
        • For USPS First Class and Priority Mail, you will have the option of up to (2) separate packages.
        • We now offer USPS Parcel Select Ground, which is an economical option to many parts of the continental US. However, it IS slow and is not available to Alaska, Hawaii, or any US territory.
      • UPS Air
        • We are now offering UPS Air Methods in addition to UPS Ground. 
        • For shipments of up to 8 batteries, you will receive 1-2 free gifts and the shipment can go regular air.
        • For shipments of more than 8 batteries, it is required that the packages be sent UPS Hazardous Goods.
          • In checkout, this is denoted as "Hazardous Goods" shipping.

    UPS Shipping Methods to PO Boxes

    We are not able to ship UPS methods to PO boxes as UPS only accepts shipments to valid street addresses. When ordering, please be sure to double check that your chosen shipping method can be delivered to the shipping address you provide. Shipments made to PO boxes via UPS services will be held until a valid street address is provided.

    Restricted Areas and Methods

    The following areas have special shipping restrictions and may not have all methods available (e.g, no USPS Parcel Select or UPS Ground): Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories. 

    I get all the regulations have changed, but this makes getting batteries more expensive. Is there anything I can do?!?


    1. If ordering a small number of batteries, keep the number of batteries you're ordering under 8, if possible. 
    2. Use ground methods (UPS Ground, USPS Parcel Select Ground).
    3. We recommend UPS Ground for the majority of orders.

    Retailer "X" is still shipping using these methods. Why won't you?

    If Retailer "X" is choosing to ship their batteries that way, your shipment is in danger of being refused and/or interrupted in transit if they choose not to follow the new regulations.

    If not shipped using the proper methods and with the proper labeling and limits, these packages are loaded onto passenger planes, which are potentially not equipped to deal with a fire, should one occur.

    I have other questions.

    No problem - Contact Us and we'd be happy to answer.