EVA Hard Protective Battery Travel Case

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$ 1.99

SKU: evacase18650

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Durable, good looking travel case. This perfectly travel sized, hard-sided EVA travel case looks good and keeps your batteries secure. Practice good battery safety with a great looking travel case at a awesome price!

Fits a variety of batteries - including newer, larger cells. While there are a number of cases out there for smaller cells (like 18650s), we've been on the lookout for a good case for the newer, larger sized cells (like 20700 and 21700s). These cases do just that, and do it very well. The zipper enclosure is very secure, even over other toggle-size closures. 

Case Sizes (battery sizes that fit):

  • 18650 - 2x 18650, 1x 20700/21700 or 1x 26650
  • 21700 - 2x 18650, 2x 20700/21700 or 1x 26650
    • Please note that 2x 26650 cells will not fit in either of these cases

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