LiionWholesale USB Wall Plug Adapter (2.1A)

Liion Wholesale

$ 4.00

SKU: usb-wall-adapter

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This 2 port, 2.1A rated USB wall adapter is a critical accessory for getting the most out of your USB-powered charger if it requires 2A current.  This charger will also work great with devices that need less than 2A current, and can power up to two 1A or less devices at the same time.  You can also use it with other devices like phones, tablets, etc, as long as they use USB cords to charge.

If you have a USB powered charger that requires up to 2A of current, remember that you need a wall adapter that is capable of the same to be able to take full advantage of your charger's speed.

Has the LiionWholesale logo.

Includes 2 USB ports and plugs into the wall.

Input:  100-240V 0.5A 50-60Hz (American Wall Plug)
Output:  DC 5V 2.1A (two USB type A ports)  (1A x 2, 2.1A x 1)
Color:  Black
Certifications:  FCC, CE

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