Nitecore UM20 Mini 2-bay USB Li-ion Battery charger


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This is a cool little travel size charger, perfect for folks on the go. As a two battery charger, it's not quite as portable as its smaller brother, the UM10, but is still far more portable than chargers with larger screens while still telling you what you need to know: the screen displays current charging progress accurate to 1%.

Plus you get the added benefit of charging 2 batteries at once.

The Nitecore UM20 conveniently works off a USB port.  Can charge most common cylindrical batteries like 18650 and 18350 (full list in the specs below).

Allows pretty fast charging, with 0.5A and 1A modes.

Includes USB pass-through as well so that you can plug another USB device into the UM20 so you don't have to worry about running out of USB ports.

Is made to be very portable, including a internal cable winder so the cord is kept from tangling with everything.  Also includes a USB cord.

Anti-counterfeit validation code is on the package so you can be sure it's genuine Nitecore.  


Input : Micro USB DC 5V
Output voltage: 4.2V ±1% / 5V 
Output current: 1000mA / 500mA
Dimensions: 3.94" x 2.20" x 1.38"
Weight: 2.72 oz
Compatible with:
Li-ion / IMR cylindrical cells in sizes: 18650,18490,18350,17670, 17500,16340,14500,10440, 20700, 21700

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