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XTAR PB2S Features:

  • Also able to act as a power bank
    • Type-C and USB-A ports for charging 2 external devices at the same time
  • Built-in ribbon for easy battery removal
  • Overcharge, over current and over voltage protection
  • Magnetic cover, dust-proof, drop-proof
  • Automatic charging cutoff
  • 3 stage battery charging to maximize battery life
  • 0V battery activation mode


  • Input power: QC3.0 & PD3.0 (5V 2A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A)
  • Cut-off voltage: 4.2V +/- .05V
  • Charge speeds:
    • 1 x 2A
    • 2 x 2A
    • 2 x 1A
  • Battery chemistry: Lithium ion (IMR/INR/ICR 3.6V or 3.7V) only
  • Common li-ion battery sizes: 18650, 18700, 20700, 21700
    • Able to charge protected 18650 cells only
    • Protected 20700 and 21700 size cells will not fit

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josue c.
United States United States

Excellent product and fast shipping

Love it very satisfied. Works great

  • What device/application do you use this with? Vape mod
Frank L.
United States United States

Useful item

I got this as a space-saving 2 in 1 device First, it chargers 18650 and Flat Top 21700 batteries Second, it can charge devices like earbuds, cell phones, and tablets. It is better than similar devices because it has a USB-C input, Output Port, and a USB-A output port. To charge batteries, you need to use the USB-C Port. Making the device one of the few USB-C Battery Chargers as of this writing (10/21). The downside is that there are 20,000 mAh battery packs approximate the same size as this XTAR Battery Charger. The device can only hold 10,000 mAh and that's with 2 Flat Top 21700 Batteries.

  • What device/application do you use this with? IPhone 12 mainly
robert p.
United States United States

Very good

Very good charger

  • What device/application do you use this with? 18650
United States United States


I wasn't sure what to expect because I don't know XTAR vs. say Nitecore as a charger manufacture. So: + The battery retention with the spring-loaded posts is VERY secure, which is great for my purposes. I wasn't sure what to expect as I have seen lots of things like this in other products and I thought it might be a gimmicky new approach, but it's very refined and works great. + The %age display is great because (while it requires intervention) I can charge cells to ~70-80% for storage/not-immediate use and reduce wear on them if I don't absolutely need full capacity. I can also check cells with the charger, but keep in mind that I've seen something like a 10% discrepancy between cells ar-rest (higher) vs. once I go to charge them (lower) obviously due to surface charge voltage vs. actually carrying current. + As with the battery terminal posts, the overall fit and finish is great, much better than I expected. I also really like the fact that there's not a discrete "screen" area of the device, and the LED display being behind the textured plastic gives it a very nice, "fancy" feel—not really a selling point but I was pleased that XTAR seems to have put a lot of thought into both function and cosmetics. + The "drop-proof" cover really does have crazy-powerful magnets and STAYS PUT, which I was not expecting because cheesy magnetic covers on stuff never stay put properly. But this one does! - Very minor but the super-long display-off time when in low-drain power bank mode is kind of annoying if I'm trying to look at the display occasionally, but not really a big deal. Ideally I would change the timing.

  • What device/application do you use this with? Buncha NCR INR 18650s?
robert f.
United States United States

Xtar pb2s

Works great, especially in low power consumption mode,

  • What device/application do you use this with? Charging things with 18650s

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