What batteries are in the pipeline?

Posted by Jonathan Caserta on

We are continually vetting suppliers for the Japanese and Korean brand batteries that everyone loves for vaping and flashlights, as well as some of the other high end Chinese brands.  The most important thing for us is trust and making sure that every battery we sell is the genuine thing, so that your customers can trust you to provide the genuine product.  Along with that obviously we only want to sell quality products so we don't have to deal with too many returns.  This business model has worked great especially for vape shops online.  With our battery expertise and testing capabilities you can offer that and sell at a premium.

Here's a list of the ones we're currently testing and seeing if it's worth offering, along with any that we've finished with in the past few months.  If you don't see one you're interested in, or you see one that we're taking too long with, please use the contact us form and let us know!  


As a note, Sony VTC5 batteries are completely impossible to find right now.  Every one we've tested has been a fake.  We have a few more leads coming up on them that may be good and as soon as a reliable source exists for these batteries we'll be on top of it but just be aware that anyone that has them right now is almost certainly not selling genuine batteries.

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