Sony VTC5 (US18650VTC5) Specifications

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Here are the specs for the Sony VTC5 18650 battery cell, full model number US18650VTC5.  Specs also apply to the Sony VCT5 battery or US18650VCT5.  Note you can right click on any specification image to view it by itself at full size if you have any trouble seeing it.

Sony VTC5 specs page 1


Sony US18650VTC5 specification page 2


Sony VCT5 spec


Sony Energy Devices VTC5 specification page 5

US18650 VTC5 specification page 5


specification VTC5 sony page 6


Sony VTC5 specs page 7


Sony US 18650 VTC5 specification page 8


VTC5 specs page 9


vtc5 specs page 10


vct5 spec page 11


SonyVTC5 specs page 12

These cells can be purchased on our site here:  Sony US18650VTC5 wholesale

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