New pricing model - Much simpler, shipping separated, huge bulk discounts

Posted by Jonathan Caserta on

So we figured out that many people were confused whether our pricing was for single batteries or pairs, and many wholesale customers were ending up contacting us and paying by custom invoices as opposed to being able to just buy on the website. 

So, we changed our pricing.  You can now buy batteries by the single battery, and pay for the actual shipping costs you've incurred separately.  This is the best way to offer the lowest prices as opposed to trying to incorporate the cost of the shipping into the items.  And we've dropped prices big time to match.  We're solidly into wholesale pricing territory, even if you just buy one battery.  If you buy more, we're definitely the cheapest source for batteries, no question.

Also, we're trying something totally new in this market.  Quantity price breaks based on how many you buy, per category.  So if you buy 24 LG HE2 and 1 Efest 35A and 20 Sony VTC3's, those are all in the batteries category, so you will get the 50 piece quantity discount for all 3 batteries!  This is an awesome way to get bulk discounts while trying a few different batteries.

Note that the discount won't show until it's added to your cart, since it needs to see what else is in your cart to calculate.  Also sometimes it takes a second after going into your cart.

If anyone has any questions or things aren't calculating the way you expect just send us an email at and we'll get it sorted out.  Happy shopping!


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