Added Shop Pay Installments so you can pay over time

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Buy now, pay later with shop pay

Pay your order off over 6-8 weeks

Now when you choose Shop Pay at checkout at Liion Wholesale, you can split your purchase into four equal 0% installment payments - with absolutely no fees.

All you have to do is add items to your cart, then click "Shop Pay" on the payment screen in checkout, then choose to pay in 4 installments.

Your first payment may be due either at checkout or 2 weeks after your purchase depending on your eligibility.  Then you will continue to pay 1/4 of the total every two weeks automatically so the total will be paid off over 6 or 8 weeks.

Shop Pay Installments FAQ:

Who is eligible for Shop Pay Installments?

Customers with a shipping address in the United States who are paying with a credit or debit card are usually eligible.

Are there specific order requirements?

The order total must be between $50-$1000 (after shipping and discounts) and shipping to the USA.

Does paying in installments impact my credit score?

Your credit score is not affected.  However, if you don't pay an installment or make a late payment then you may no longer be able to use Shop Pay Installments in the future.


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