USPS/Post Office is currently extremely delayed nationwide

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All of us here at Liion Wholesale completely understand the frustration our customers are feeling with the amount of time taken to receive even a scan from USPS shipments. Unfortunately this issue is happening nationwide, not just to us.

Packages ordered via a USPS service (First Class, Priority or Parcel Select Ground) are appearing to take days, sometimes even weeks, to show that the packages have been accepted at a postal facility. USPS is also not even scanning some packages at all until they are delivered to their respective destinations.

If you are in a rush to receive your items, especially with the upcoming Xmas holiday, we highly suggest that you choose a UPS method instead as they have fewer delays than the postal service. UPS packages typically arrive to their destination on time or if they are delayed it's usually only a day or so.

If you have already ordered from us by USPS, we understand you may be concerned with the delays.  Rest assured that you will get your items.  If you have received an email from us containing tracking information for your order, we have packaged and shipped out your order that day; even if USPS shows that they never received them.  Everyone is dealing with these same delays so you are not alone and the package will come, it just will probably be delayed - in our experience it seems to be delayed 3-7 days usually as of the writing of this post.

If you do order by USPS, we kindly ask that you please be patient with your tracking information. Replacement orders for lost USPS packages will still be sent out if your package never arrives. However, we will need to wait a few weeks before sending it out due to these factors. Either way, we still guarantee that you will receive your order; we just are not sure of the timeline until then as this is obviously outside our control.


Below are a few news articles related to the current USPS delays;

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You can view more news articles regarding the current USPS issue here.

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