Liion Wholesale chosen as Global Distribution Partner for Molicel (E-One Moli Energy) and N-Power Energy (NPE)

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Molicel/NPE Battery Cells Available from Authorized Distributor in the United States

We at Liion Wholesale are honored to partner with NPE to distribute the Molicel brand from E-One Moli Energy in the USA.  Although they may be less known to the public than LG Chem, Samsung SDI, and Murata/Sony Energy Devices, Molicel is a top tier battery cell brand with some of the best technology available.  Being able to ensure 100% that we have the absolute highest grade battery cells directly from the manufacturer is a very big deal that will ensure consistent quality and great performance.

You can find the cells that we offer here.  If you are interested in large quantities of Molicel/NPE cells by wholesale or bulk purchase, please contact us.  To start there will be three cells available:

Full updated list of Authorized Molicel & NPE (E-One Moli Energy) battery cells can be found here.


N-Power Energy Press Release

See below for the NPE press release or it can be accessed directly here.

HONG KONG – January 3rd, 2019 – N-Power Energy Limited (NPE, ) today announced its global distribution partners program (GDP) for the distribution of industry-leading battery products. The GDP Program is intended to increase NPE’s global presence via cooperation with companies that have gained expertise in their own regions, while improving the efficiency, quality and accountability of the distribution of NPE products globally.


NPE’s product line includes the Molicel INR18650-P26A, which has been shown to outperform all competitive products in rigorous testing. Additionally, the INR20700A and INR21700-P42A cells have been shown to be best-in-class with regards performance.


“The global battery industry is complex and has multiple challenges around quality and accountability,” said Lorenzo Luo, CEO of NPE. “The GDP Program is intended to improve many aspects of battery distribution to ensure end-users have higher confidence in the purchased product through trusted partners.”


“We are honored to join the NPE Global Distribution Partner Program as the sole distributor of Molicel products in the USA,” said Jon Caserta of Liion Wholesale. “Having an authorized source for a leading manufacturer of battery cells is a game changer for the industry.”


“We are very excited to join the NPE Global Distribution Partner Program as the main distributor in the UK,” said Ben Facer of Fogstar. “We are impressed with NPE’s vision, quality and reliability, and I believe that this partnership will benefit both companies and especially our customers.”


NPE has secured distribution agreements with many leading partners world-wide and is in the process of finalizing distribution agreements with partners in additional countries & regions.


The list of major partners includes:



Liion Wholesale Batteries





Fogstar Ltd.











Promist Vapor



*with OEM wrap W/Tag system



VapCell Technology



*with OEM-owned brand wrap



klejjs Technology Co., Ltd.



*with OEM-owned brand wrap W/Tag system


For more information about joining the NPE Global Distribution Partners (GDP) Program, please contact



About NPE

N-Power Energy Limited (NPE) is a leading provider of industry-grade batteries and the sole global distributor for E-One Moli Energy, one of the world’s top industry battery manufacturers. NPE’s line of products includes the world’s first Li-Ion battery with an integrated NFC tag, anti-counterfeit technology and an extensive anti-counterfeit ecosystem. Established in 2018 by experienced Semiconductor and Private Equity veterans, NPE is an energetic and ambitious startup with the goal of supplying the industry’s best batteries, utilizing leading technology and fully compliant with all global regulations. For more information, visit


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